Log into Rent Manager , go to the Tab at the top listed Home

Then click on the icon that says Properties :

Over to the left you will see 4 small icons, click on the + sign at the end to add a property .

Property Name is going to be the street address, no city, state, or zip. With the initial in front of it , (spelling is very important, so please make sure the street name is spelled right as well as the names properly capitalized) example: CO123 Main Street

Then short name is going to be the initials with just the address # only example: CO123 

For property type select from the drop down the type of property it is (we typical manage single family homes, condos and townhouses) if you are unsure please google the address.

For Manager please list at Support Team and for the email please list support@allcountycumberland.com

For the next box address please click on the box that says Details and list out the full address, then click Ok.

For Display, please keep the color as is, black . 

For the property Tax ID: this can be left blank

Posting Day, please change from 25 to 1

For the default bank account select 1005 2 All County Cumberland Rental Escrow 2  (this is extremely important to make sure everything goes in the proper bank)

Rent Charge Type: Please keep as RC

Charge Type Banks : please leave blank

Automation Set up: (Select Monthly)

The next page of user defined fields we are currently not using this please leave blank

Valid Unit types for the Property : Keep all boxes checked

Then Below you will see a small box that says Automatically create a unit (this is extremely important because every property needs to have a unit ) MAKE SURE THAT BOX IS CHECKED. Then select the type of unit it is from the drop down

Make sure Default All  boxes are checked for ALL users to be able to see the property you are adding.

Make ready template box can stay checked.

Now it is time to Add the Owner :

If this is an Owner we already have then select from the drop down. 

** IF this is a new owner the Click on the Box that says Add Owner**

This is really important ( Their name needs to be listed as the agreement states ) - this is very important for Tax Purposes 

There display name can be listed as the name they go by or (The name listed on the contract)

Accounts : Leave alone


  • Add their email address from the management agreement, if it is a partnership or there is more than one person that needs notifications add this their email by placing a comma
  •  For Payment Method always select EPAY (so we can direct deposit all of our clients (this is extremely important)
  • Check Payee Leave Blank


  • Select Details (this will be found on the Management Agreement, this is the Owners address where we will send their 1099 this is very important everything is spelled right )
  • Add their address
  • Add their phone number in the proper places from the management agreement and check their cell as Default (their is a box labeled T always be sure to check this box as well )- this gives us the ability to text them in Rent Manager if need be
  • Then Select Next 

For the User Defined Fields :

All of the Fields that are Tan need to be filled in

  • Please only fill in the Lead Source (how did they hear about us)


After completing the Owner Information you will be taken back to the Owner General Settings 

  • In the Section Ownerships, under Owner select from the drop down the Owner you have just added .
  • Then add the contract start date and LEAVE THE END DATE BLANK
  • Add the percentage of Ownership that they have in the property if they have not stipulated they are splitting this with another owner or Partner then it would be 100% ownership always
  • For the Reserve, Check the Contract, it maybe $300 or $500+ depending on the Owner (but make sure to specifically are looking at the maintenance portion so it is not confused with other cost on the agreement) 
  • Next >>

Management Fees : (this is really important to make sure we properly get compensated  for this account .

This page is currently frozen will update later . CS 7/14/2021

The Property must always be added to  the  Property Group (see the pictures below)

Go to the Tab,Admin, Setup> Rental Info>Property Groups > Double Click on CO find the property in the selection and click save)

Last Step Uploading the Management Agreement :

  • Go the The Home Tab
  • Click Owner 
  • Find the Owner you just created 
  • Make sure the information you added on their general tab is accurate 
  • Then select their History and notes 
  • At the bottom of the screen you will see a notes tab click add upload .
  • label (The Property Address - Management Agreement ) example: 123 Main Street- Management Agreement