Log into  Rent Manager select on the Home Tab

Select Bills as on of the icons at the top

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 8.54.37 PM.png

The type in the Vendors Name, you are looking to pay
Add the following information (all of the items requested will be listed on the bill):
  • Amount
  • Terms 
  • Payment Method (usually Check)
  • Invoice #
  • Bill Date
  • Post Date (todays date)
  • Due Date (stated on the bill)
  • In the Memo Place A general description of what the Bill is for. So if this is a maintenance request place the memo on the invoice 
  • Attachments- All bills need attachments we consider the attachment the Before and After Photos along with the invoice (this goes on the Owners Portal) - to add and attachment hit the plus sign. If you do not see you have the ability to upload from your computer then call rent manager they will help to get the ability in order to do so their number is 1-800-669-0871 
  • Then go down to the lower portion of the page where it says property (this is one of the most important areas of the bills aspect)
  • Add the property this bill is for every property address starts with a short initial like (CO, C, A, or O) example 123 Main Street will be listed (CO123 Main Street or (O123 Main Street ) The short name is the initial of the property manager that brought on this account . Sometimes when you are in the middle of selecting the property your mouse can move and it changes the property you end up selecting . So you must double check your work or a client can charged for  someone else's bill 
  • Then for Unit always select the unit that goes with the property 
  • Check the box for 1099 always
  • Expense Account is also another very important aspect we always want to make sure we state in the 5000's because these are how we label expenses 
  • If it is a maintenance request the expense is always labelled - 5640 Maintenance and Repair  (picture below)Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 9.07.41 PM.png
  • Make sure the Memo's Match from the one you have typed at the top. Make sure the memos make sense as the owners will see them. Please be mindful not to put "tenant did not answer the door " things like that, please stick to the repair, so they know we are on it and it will not call things into question
  • Make sure the amount matches the one at the top
  • Add you can click save and close to complete 
  • If you are needing to add multiple bills the click on the box on the bottom left and this will allow you to save and add another bill right after