Placing a tenant is more than an art then a science. Because of this it is impossible to tell you exactly how long it will take to find an amazing tenant. Key things that impact how quickly a tenant can be found are:

  • Time of year
  • Location
  • Condition
  • Rental amount
  • Size
  • Features

Generally, the most popular time of the year is during the summer months. However, if you're renting outside the summer months, there is nothing to worry about, we place tenants year-round. The summer is simply the most popular time for tenants looking to move. On average it will take one week to two months to rent out a property depending on the next factors.


Location, condition, and cost have the biggest impact on how long it will take to rent your property. The great news is that you control two of them. It's common knowledge that a property that is clean, well-appointed, updated and rent is competitive is going to be the first one that is rented.


These factors along with the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and features will determine how much your property will actually rent for. There is no firm formula however our experienced leasing specialists can set you up for success!